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Precautions for electric circular saw operation
When starting, the electric circular saw must be in a suspended position. It will jump suddenly. It must be held with both hands. The fingers must not be placed in the switch position. The saw teeth must leave the workpiece to be cut to prevent the electric circular saw from jumping and touching the workpiece when it is started.

After the electric circular saw is started, it should be left idling for a period of time to observe whether the saw blade is running normally, whether it swings from side to side, whether the electric circular saw vibrates excessively, and whether the noise is normal.

The electric circular saw must pay attention to the position of its cable during operation to prevent it from being cut and causing electric shock or short-circuit accidents. The cable should be bypassed behind you before connecting to the power source, and your body should not be in contact with the cable.

When the electric circular saw is in the cutting operation, both hands must hold the handle and side handle of the equipment tightly. The fingers must not approach the high-speed rotating saw blade, and the operator's body must be kept at a proper distance from the equipment.

Do not use an electric circular saw higher than the top of the head to prevent the electric circular saw or the cut workpiece from falling off and causing accidents.

New saw blades are generally flat. When cutting the road, choose between 5C and 20C as needed.

After the machine is started, run it without load for a while, and check and confirm that the machine linkage is flexible and unimpeded. When working, the afterburner should be balanced and not too strong.

Overload use is strictly prohibited:

Attention should be paid to the sound and temperature rise during operation. If abnormalities are found, the machine should be shut down for inspection immediately. When the working time is too long, the temperature rise of the machine exceeds 60, or there is a burning smell, the machine should be stopped, and the operation should be performed after natural cooling.

During operation, do not touch the cutting tool with your hands. If you find that it has blunt, damaged or abnormal sound, you should stop the inspection immediately; you must cut off the power before repairing or replacing parts, and wait for the saw blade to stop completely.
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