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How to properly maintain the cutting machine?
As an important cutting tool, the cutting machine has brought great convenience to the cutting industry. In order to better exert its functions in the process of use, daily maintenance cannot be ignored. So how to maintain the cutting machine? Let us popularize this knowledge.


1. The dirt on the machine tool and guide rails must be cleaned every working day to keep the machine bed clean. Turn off the air source and power supply when off work, and at the same time empty the remaining air in the machine tool tube belt.

2. Pay attention to whether there is lubricating oil on the surface of the machine's horizontal and longitudinal guide rails and racks to keep them well lubricated!

3. Check whether the horizontal and vertical rail wipers are working properly, and replace them in time if they are abnormal.

4. Check whether the plasma cutting nozzle and electrode are damaged, and whether the cutting nozzle and electrode need to be replaced.

5. Regularly clean the oil stains on the carriage, the guide rail and the guide rail drive screw rod, and add lubricating oil in time.

6. Check the clamping block, steel belt and guide wheel for looseness and tightness of the steel belt, and adjust if necessary.

7. Check the performance of all buttons and selector switches, replace damaged ones, and finally draw a comprehensive inspection graph to test the accuracy of the machine.

8. After the operation is completed, use tap water to rinse the slag on the surface of the studio and workbench and wipe dry.

9. After all the work is over, move the blade about 10 cm forward to reset the rocker arm of the travel switch.

10. If the cutting machine is not used for a certain period of time after use, the moving parts of the blades and fixtures and some rusty places in the machine should be coated with a layer of lithium to ensure a smooth surface.

The maintenance of the cutting machine can not only save economic costs, but also extend the service life. Therefore, the maintenance of the cutting machine can provide a good foundation for future use.
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